Monday, December 24, 2012


I would like to thank the 1433 people who downloaded free copies of the book over the weekend. You've made my Christmas very joyous this year!

Many of the people who contacted me wrote that they had had CFS or ME for decades. They had lost their jobs, homes and families. There is very little out there to help this group of severely ill people, so I do hope my book provides a source of hope.

To that end, I will offer the book again for free sometime in January. There were some glitches in Amazon's system. People in Canada could not order the book, and many people had problems with the free app. I've contacted Amazon, and once these problems are ironed out, I will post the book for free again. I want everyone to have a copy.

If you have a copy, do please help me offer this book again for free by posting a review on Amazon. Many of the sites that post giveaways only do so if there are more than 18 reviews. To date, this book only has 12. 

YOU DON'T NEED A KINDLE TO READ THIS BOOK!! Amazon has free apps that will allow you to download it directly onto your computer. Do this now!

Get free app here.
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