Saturday, February 2, 2013

CFS patient starts hunger strike for FDA approval of Ampligen

Bob Miller

Bob Miller on Hunger Strike: Send This 1-Minute Email to Get FDA Approval for Ampligen

February 1, 2013, Phoenix Rising
by Sasha

Bob Miller has started a hunger strike to push for FDA approval of Ampligen. He and his wife, Courtney Alexander, who are well-known for drawing President Obama’s attention to the plight of people with ME/CFS, urge us not to do the same.

Instead, they’d like us to send the email below, alerting key decision-makers to his strike, to add pressure to approve Ampligen as a therapy for ME/CFS.

The FDA is expected to announced its decision sometime around  2nd February – this Saturday – so there’s no time to lose.

Wherever you are in the world, please use Bob’s template to email, and do it right now. It takes less than a minute: I’ve already sent mine.

Bob’s message

Yesterday January 29th, I began a hunger strike seeking FDA approval of Ampligen, the only medication in FDA-approved clinical trials for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (ME/CFS).

The FDA Advisory Committee voted Ampligen is safe given the serious nature of CFS and the critical unmet need of patients.

Please support access to Ampligen for ALL ME/CFS PATIENTS by sending a note like the one below to the Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius, Assistant Secretary of Health Dr Howard Koh, FDA Commissioner Dr Margaret Hamburg, and FDA CDER Director Dr Janet Woodcock and Deputy Director Dr Sandra Kweder.

You can just copy and paste the email below.

Please also email or call your Congressional Representatives and Senators (look them up here and just click on your state) and ask them to investigate why the FDA refuses to approve the ONLY medication for CFS despite safe testing for 20 years. This is a health crisis!

The email

Subject: CFS patient starts hunger strike for FDA approval of Ampligen

“Long-time ME/CFS patient Robert Miller from Reno, Nevada began a hunger strike in advance of the FDA’s Feb. 2nd deadline to decide on Ampligen, the ONLY medication in clinical trials for my illness. I support Mr. Miller because my life has been stolen by ME/CFS and I need real treatment options. We have waited 20 years, and we can’t wait any longer. The FDA Advisory Committee voted Ampligen is safe enough to market because CFS is so serious and there are NO medications to treat patients. Please don’t let the FDA reject the only medication CFS patients can hope for any time soon.”

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