Monday, April 22, 2013


This weekend was a huge success! There were 3,946 free downloads of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition, bringing the total number of free book downloads to 13,613!

There really are no words to describe how satisfying it is to be able to give away all these books. It is a great privilege to offer something tangible to the CFS/ME community, something that might help people find their way to recovery. I am also deeply honored that so many individuals and organizations have taken the time to support this effort by spreading the word via Facebook, their websites, blogs, on forums and boards, and by writing reviews. This is how "word-of-mouse" works in the modern world. It's a thing of beauty - and great power.

I know that if we can all come together to accomplish this minor miracle, we can join our hands to accomplish any goal we set our minds to.

Thank you all.
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